I am from the United Kingdom and I have about $30,000 to invest in a small business in Florida. Is this enough money to invest to receive an E-2 visa?

The US government does not have a set scale about how much investment is needed to obtain an E-2 visa, but it does require the investment to be “substantial.” A substantial investment would be an investment with enough money to purchase an established business or if creating a new business, enough money to cover the costs of establishing the business. Additionally, the investment needs to be enough to make certain the investor’s financial commitment to the successful operation of the business.

The nature of the business will also help the government determine what a substantial investment is for that specific business. For example, the cost of buying or setting up a consulting business might not be as high as establishing a tractor manufacturing business.  So for some types of business a $200,000 investment would be substantial while for other types of business $1,000,000 or more might be needed.

While there is no set scale or minimum investment amount, the more an investment is under $100,000 the more difficult it is to show the investment is substantial. One reason is that smaller investments could be viewed as investments that could only support a foreign investor and her family. An investment has to be big enough to provide economic benefit to more than the investor and her immediate family.

Investments of less than $100,000 can be approved but investors should talk with a qualified immigration lawyer to determine if the investor can satisfy all of the E-2 visa requirements.

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