Will NAFTA and the TN visa change under President Trump’s Administration?

President-elect Trump has said he wanted changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of which the United States, Mexico, and Canada are signatories. NAFTA allows certain professionals who are citizens in these countries to work in the other countries if they qualify under the agreement.

Professional workers from Canada and Mexico can use the TN visa to work in the United States when using the provisions of NAFTA. Having TN status or using the TN visa means a professional worker has permission to be in the United States temporarily and does not result in US permanent residency.

As of this writing, it cannot be predicted whether the provisions for the TN visa or status will change under a new administration, but any business or person who currently has TN status or plans to apply for it in the near future should pay attention to the news and this website for any changes in TN policy.

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