USCIS is redesigning or changing the Green Card and Employment Authorization Document.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has redesigned the Green Card and Employment Authorization Document (“Work Permit”) to enhance the security features of those cards.

The new cards were supposed to be issued beginning May 1, 2017, but some people receiving cards after that date will receive a card using the old design. The reason is that USCIS wants to use all its inventory of old cards before issuing cards with the new design.

Here are some of the changes. The Green Cards will lose the optical stripe that was on the back of the card. Both types of cards: will not have the person’s signature anymore; holographic images will be embedded into the cards; and, the person’s photograph will be displayed on both sides of each card.

The Green Card will have a predominantly green color and have an image of the Statue of Liberty. The Work Permit Card will predominantly have a red color and an image of a bald eagle.

Employers should know the new cards are acceptable to verify employment eligibility, but if your employer does not accept the new cards you should contact a lawyer to help clarify the situation.

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